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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Since i was addicted to nickhun, i had watch all episode of star king in youtube
suddenly i've found 1 episode that they featuring the person who been given voice of an angel.
He is KIM JI HO, a blind teenager boy that can sing perfectly likes superstar.

This boy has such a damn delicious voice..i think better than nickhun or nik irfan..
Ooopps...sorry guys .. i love u bcoz of your PREETY & CUTE face n your great dance(Nichkhun).. btw Nickhun has a cutest Wink wink eyes

Although he can't see as clear as normal person but he has strenght whereby not all of us have.
i couldn't stop crying while watch him singing coz i m so impressed..
So do to all da guests,they also cried..
and da most emotional is Nickhun..i can see he shed tears at da back..
OMygosh..he's still cute even he's crying

ok...back to da main story...
Ji ho had come with 4 other members who are visually impaired like him.
and they are called with BLUE OCEAN.
and their album is released.
DEAR JI HO , i had fallin love with your angel voice.. i wish u can go more futher with ur band n make
da whole world see n hear ur voice..XOXO

Lets enjoy his soothing voice n hope it could soothing ur heart too