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Sunday, July 4, 2010


i fell sick 4 this 3 days with temperature 37.8.. i never felt damn sick like this before..
slalu demam2 gedik jer..huhu..
n the person who brought this kind of fever is ma mama..
i m so depressed with this fucking fever
at night i felt so damn cold n wrap ma whole body with 2 blanket n wore 2 long sleeve shirt..
but it still not enough..
da next day i think i should meet d doc..
melayang 40 hengget aku..
apahal la mahal sgt ubat zaman skunk..
if it's not because i have maut stuff to settle on this monday,on dream je la aku nk g menatap muke doc tu.
but doc said if this monday i still sick i should go 4 blood test..
pray for ma healthy

*lecturer said fever is 1 of innate defences of immunity..
*org-org kate dosa manyak sgt tuhan bg la penyakit..
* aku kate plak, aku tak suka demam n tak suka makan ubat.