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Sunday, July 18, 2010


A story about a girl
She thought she was a loser
She pinned it in her head
Every night and every day

She driving to her college
She didnt even notice
She wear a funny dress
A polka dot pyjamas

Lil Baby Loser
Where are you?
Lets do a revolution
Lil Baby Loser
Say you do
And please make this thing happen

Its 4 o'clock in the evening
She drive her way back home
The fuel bar start to beeping
Just stopped and towing home

(Repeat chorus)
Lil Baby Loser
Where are you?
Lets do a revolution
Lil Baby Loser
Say you do
And please make this thing happen

She rush into her room
And stand facing the wall
She scream aloud and saying
Lil Baby Loser already home.

This song is written by Amzari for me coz he saw ma Fb status is "LOSER"
thankz abg am!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010



Kak beto cakap macam air sirap bandung bergerak..

P/s : The groom is gone... i'll find another groom..wink..wink

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Mai kita menikmati pic2 aku yang ceria ribena menjalani single life

si gedik
study mcm tak study
si chubby
si ala2 senyum sopan

ma complicated life turn to simple life as 123 dutch lady..Monday to friday,attend class..
weekend,chilling at home sweet home..

*rambut aku dh pjg..dh boleh ikat...yeay!!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


i fell sick 4 this 3 days with temperature 37.8.. i never felt damn sick like this before..
slalu demam2 gedik jer..huhu..
n the person who brought this kind of fever is ma mama..
i m so depressed with this fucking fever
at night i felt so damn cold n wrap ma whole body with 2 blanket n wore 2 long sleeve shirt..
but it still not enough..
da next day i think i should meet d doc..
melayang 40 hengget aku..
apahal la mahal sgt ubat zaman skunk..
if it's not because i have maut stuff to settle on this monday,on dream je la aku nk g menatap muke doc tu.
but doc said if this monday i still sick i should go 4 blood test..
pray for ma healthy

*lecturer said fever is 1 of innate defences of immunity..
*org-org kate dosa manyak sgt tuhan bg la penyakit..
* aku kate plak, aku tak suka demam n tak suka makan ubat.

Friday, July 2, 2010


You're ma chocolate
Ma sweetest chocolate
i really wanna have you

You're ma ice-cream
ma sweetest ice-cream
i really wanna have you

You're ma candy
a lolypop candy
i really wanna kiss you
i really wanna love you


Congratulation to Nurul Hasmizah.
She's get engaged today with mmm...actually i don't know her fiancee name is...
btw she is ma school mate like aja n nina..
by right i'd promise her to attend her ceremony but i canceled last minute coz i got campus stuff
to settle down first..

i really sory coz i unable to attend ur big day..but i'lll pray for ur happiness n i hope everything will last with marriage
I love u..

* aku bila la nk dapat rasa cm hang


i just deactivated ma facebook acc yesterday...
it looks like i ran away from people..